Order not deliverable at your location? Ping us now! Get it delivered within 7-10 days
Order not deliverable at your location? Ping us now! Get it delivered within 7-10 days
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Please note there will be delay in response due to large number of sellers. Expect delays till 30th September 2020. Please wait for form to load. 

This policy is a note of general rules to be followed when becoming a seller at bioRoots.

1.The Seller shall make sure that there is no plastic packaging involved in your products. Customer should get a product that is completely free of plastic packaging. In case plastic packaging can’t be avoided, vendor should look for biodegradable or compostable forms of plastic and inform the Firm about the same. 

2. In case plastic packaging is found by any customer, the seller is supposed to provide full refund of the amount that was paid by customer with a 5% fine on the product sold to BioRoots. The seller is also suppose to initiate a return of the product from the customer's address. 

3. If the products are completely fulfilled by BioRoots, seller does not have to handle complains about packaging/delivery/damage during delivery issues. Seller has to participate in case customer seems unsatisfactory with the product not working/as per wrong description and initiate a replacement/return for the same. 

4. If the products are partially fulfilled by BioRoots, seller must make sure product is packaged without plastic and should keep the product ready at the registered  pickup address. In partial fulfillment, seller is liable for handling packaging issues if sent by customer along with not working/wrong description/ other issues. Customers complain will be handled by BioRoots but same shall be communicated to seller for resolving. 

5. If the products are not fulfilled by BioRoots at all, seller must handle customer complains as well as packaging and shipment of products.  Your shipping charges must be communicated before hand to avoid inconvenience. Shipment tracking details have to be provided by seller.

6. The seller shall upon receipt of the order  immediately arrange to deliver the products to the designated address as early as possible but in any case, the dispatch shall be made within 7 days of the receipt of the Order. 

7.To deliver the product of the Ordered specifications/description only including quantity and quality prescribed in the Order and there should be no instance of wrong item being delivered and/or quality issue and/or issue of Non delivery. Further, the seller shall always maintain adequate stock/inventory of the items. In case the seller is running out of supplies or is likely not to fulfill the Order received, it shall intimate to bioRoots at least 48 hours (2 days) in advance so that notice of OUT OF STOCK for the product can be placed on the website. 

8. Not to send any kind of promotion material or any such material, which is, derogatory to and/or adverse to the interests financial or otherwise of BioRoots, to the customer either along with the products supplied or in any manner whatsoever.

9. Not to do any act/deal in a thing / products/goods/services which are either banned/prohibited by law or violates any of the intellectual property right of any party in respect of such product. 

10.To provide bioRoots, for the purpose of the creation/display on website of BioRoots, the product description, images, disclaimer, delivery time lines, price and such other details for the products to be displayed and offered for sale. 



Please note : This is a generalized seller policy. If you have registered as a seller with us, you will receive an individual copy of entire seller agreement in brief.