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About us

Our Aim 

"Say no to single use"
ZerowasteShop is a marketplace by BioRoots,

Whenever you buy from ZeroWasteShop, you are supporting  a small Indian business along with our team which coordinates and helps them to reach to your doorstep. 
We are a team of professionals and environment enthusiasts, constantly trying to do our best to nurture environment and help those who want to nurture it.
We aim at minimizing the usage of plastic products, mostly single use plastic as much as possible.
We have come online to make sure these non-plastic alternatives are easily available in India and within the reach of people. 

BioRoots team aims at providing a one stop shop or a marketplace for plastic alternatives.  Unlike many giant ecommerce websites who package products with so much plastic even when it is not needed, we use newspapers, used corrugated boxes and even recycle boxes on our end.
At ,  you can find sustainable brands which are not only Indian, but are aligned with perfect work ethics including women empowerment, farmer friendly, zerowaste manufacture process,  home made business.

Our Story :

BioRoots, sited in July 2019,and launched in August 2019, It started with an awareness of how we are struggling with global warming and disruption of eco-system. The founder herself being a zerowaste enthusiast was aware of the smallest struggle we went through to search zerowaste products with sustainable packaging and also that is affordable and is trusted and affordable.

ZeroWasteShop was officially named in February 2020.

We took a step by providing a platform for all those sustainable lovers, who are looking for plastic-free alternatives in our daily life.
We all can start our journey with one step at a time.
Start with saying no single use plastic.

About Founder of BioRoots 

Kamayani Tiwari is an engineer by profession and started this website to give a platform to all those small and responsible sellers and buyers.  She is a minimalist herself.

"I try to give my 100% to the customers myself. We are not here to make any form of profit or run a business. Our only aim till 2025 will be to raise awareness about plastic pollution and helping those who want to change their lifestyle. I hope to see us, Indians as a pollution free country one day"

About our Manager,

Jakshil Patel,

Jakshil Patel, a computer scientist by profession, is a true nature lover and a tree hugger.